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Mr Shaggles Circus World

Mr Shaggles Circus World is an interactive circus performance where the audience is the show. Enjoy as this bumbling ringmaster directs, cajoles and encourages his audience to

become animal trainers, jugglers an even experts in the dreaded hoop of death. With Bruce, the worlds only circus performing Koala,Rod Reguez, the famous South American

Juggler and that renowned acrobatic troupe all the way from Russia, The Kasmarararaadarataratov.....Brothers!

Melbourne Comedy Festival- 2010

Adelaide Fringe Festival- 2012-2013

2013 Review
Mr Shaggles Circus World Gluttony – The Bally, Sat Feb 23

Mr Shaggles declares “I’m not a PlayStation” and he’s right – he’s better than a PlayStation! His is an old-fashioned silly circus with crazy antics and mishaps, juggling, balloon animal taming, acrobatics and a cheeky koala called Bruce who likes to misbehave. Mr Shaggles Circus World is indeed a fun and loopy place to be. The show really reaches its highpoint when the audience become the performers: poor Mr Shaggles is let down by his unreliable acrobats who appear to have fled the circus, and it’s up to the audience to save the show. It is very cool to see the acrobatic tricks that unsuspecting audience members are capable of at a moment’s notice, and it’s true what Mr Shaggles says: his circus world is your circus world. Enter into it and prepare for a whole lot of crazy entertainment and laughs! Final Word: Fun!
Lynette Washington- Rip it Up
Mr Shaggles Circus World continues at Gluttony – The Bally until Sun Mar 17.


Circus Trick Tease

Circus Trick Tease is a raunchy, raucous & entertaining collection of misfits including a maladjusted strongman, his neurotic femme fatale & their astounding international star. Together, they play out their chaotic roles with uninhibited displays of acrobatics, precarious balances & gratuitous handstands.

People's Choice Award - Melbourne Fringe 2008.

ACAPTA award- Melb Fringe 2008

Adelaide Fringe- 2009+2010

London- 2010

Edinburgh Fringe- 2010

Wales- 2011


This is the second show from "Circus Trick Tease".

An irreverent look at the cultural mileu which is Australia.

With a thumping soundtrack,they cover such controversial topics as immigration, bureaucracy and, of course, alcohol. It's circus, beers and tricks on the barbie as Circus Trick Tease hold a mirror up to themselves and asks the question, what does it mean to be Australian?

Adelaide fringe 2016

Victoria Regional Tour 2016

Mama's Bag of Feathers

Mama' Bag of Feathers is the first show from the exciting new collaboration The Decrepit Cabaret between twin brothers Shannon and Mark McGurgan. It has received 4 star reviews in both Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals.


Mama's Bag of Feathers

How do you react when you see a couple arguing on the street? Do you empathize with the man or do you feel a connection to the woman?
Does the rational logic of a situation dominate your sensibilities or is it swamped and extinguished by the compelling emotion that cries out for fairness? It seems that every day of our lives we are forced to choose between two arguments of the same thing and the “battle of the sexes” is no different.

This one hour performance is a collection of original songs and skits by twin brothers Shannon and Mark McGurgan. They attempt to polarize the audience into these two above mentioned groups and then show them how completely dis-functional this really is. After all, choosing sides in a tragedy; is still a tragedy.

The battle of the sexes, the gender divide, inequality, chauvinism, call it whatever, it is your perspective. You will meet Mama and your perspective will be exposed. The question remains whether that is something you are comfortable with……..or not.

The Cycle Circus

The world is fast. So slow down. Imagine a horse drawn carriage. Retrofitted with front wheel drive cycling technology. One less car on the road.


One pedal at a time.

Inspiring with alternatives

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