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Who is He?

Video by Reilly Archer-Wheelan

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What does he do?

Shannon McGurgan is an entertainer, trainer, empowerer and a presenter of ideas. A person who has made his life's journey that of living outside the norm.

He has a 20 year career as a performer, a past life as a registered nurse and a history of writing over a hundred songs. An occasional job in personal security, a passion for teaching and he is the personal trainer to the personal trainer of the Melbourne celebrity A-List.

He works in circuses, theatre, music, cabaret, corporate events, public events and festivals of any persuasion.

With over 25 years as a performer Shannon has has a broad spectrum of skills and experience

Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Has performed as "King UBU" and currently works on their newest production "Tip Duck"

Wonderland Speigeltent

Director, producer and performer for The Wonderland Speigeltent which has toured Australia for the last 10 years. Credits include "Circus Wonderland", "A Mermaid's Tale" and "Circa 1920". 

Sea Shanty Circus

Sea Shanties are work songs performed by sailors as they went about the repetitive daily tasks involved in operating sailing vessels.

“Sea Shanty Circus” uses the metaphor of circus skills to emulate the work performed. Even the flags on the boat spell “circus”.

They have performed at festivals including Port Fairy Folk Festival, The Taste of Tasmania and Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival (NZ).

This is a unique interactive musical circus experience. With over 40 years combined experience in performing, Shannon, Mark and Felicity create their own world on their self-contained stage/boat/tricycle. Experience them roving around the site in a show full of sea shanties, circus, theatre and fun.

Yoga Clowns of the Apocalypse

A satirically absurdists look at what happens when 3 clowns desperately attempt to hang on to their new age practice in spite of the apocalypse ocuring around them


Mr. Shaggles Circus World-

Mr. Shaggles is a bumbling ring master who has to throw together a circus out of whatever is lying around. What better props to use than the audience! A show specifically designed to empower children by giving them a taste of the big top and proving what they can do. Show has been running for over 20 years.


Mama's Bag of Feathers

A cutting edge cabaret style show with original songs, circus action, audience participation and a spattering of bondage. Giving an alternative perspective to the gender debate, "Mama's Bag of Feathers" is a journey of emotion which will challenge but ultimately uplift.


Circus Trick Tease-

Founding co-creator of this internationally renowned circus troupe with shows including "Circus Trick Tease" and "Straya"


Yoga Clowns of the Apocalypse


Circus Wonderland


Carnival of Lost Souls

The Lounge

Circus Quirkus 


Circus Royale





Shannon individual and group acts include trio and duo adagio, The Strongman Act, several hula-hoop acts, Mr Shaggles, and three burlesque style adagio/dance pieces. Each of these can be performed as roving performances or as actual stage shows. 


Check out the page for videos and pictures.




Corporate Workshops/Personal Training


Shannon's current workshop offerings include

Mind Body Man                                                                and Get Connected  



but he also offers workshops for corporate team building events and has a strongly held personal belief that you can use physicality to prove to people that they are capable of anything. Trust is also a strong element in team building and is absolutely imperative when it comes to circus.



He also offers one on one training using circus skills to improve physical fitness. The advantages to this style include increasing body awareness and achievable outcomes that give people a reason to exercise.




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