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Buteyko Breathwork

The Breath is a physical exercise that you perform more often than any other exercise in your life. With an average of 20,000 breaths per day the idea of optimising breath as a means to optimising health does not seem too far fetched.

The practice of breathwork is as diverse as health care itself. If you want to distil it down, then every breath you take is different and intrinsically connected to your sense of being. While each breath method has it's own merit Buteyko breathing is a form of breath remediation that creates a baseline which optimises your breath 24/7. 

Its foundational principle is that the drive to breathe comes from CO2 build up and the negative ramifications for the body from hyperventilation.

Interview with Donna Aston from AstonRx

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Group class


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Online 30 min Session

Why Buteyko?

There are many great benefits, to all breathwork modalities. Where Buteyko differs to many others is that it seeks to correct dis-functional breathing as it's primary objective. It is very simple and straightforward to learn and exercises can comfortably be structured into your daily activities. 


The way we breathe influences functioning of airways, blood circulation and oxygen release to the cells. Common conditions including asthma, rhinitis, hay fever, snoring, sleep apnea and anxiety can be significantly helped by applying the Buteyko Method.

Please call if you have any questions about Buteyko Breathing.

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Men's Retreat

The journey towards wellness is often full of conflicting and confusing information. Not all paths work for all people. For this one day event we will be exploring a selection of techniques for beginning your path back to control over your own body.

Developing Daily Practice

Explorations will include

Breath- Different Techniques and it's importance in maintaining good health

Movement- A selection of movements for energising and getting you back into the idea of exercise

Food- We will share a meal and have a discussion about food focusing on alternative pathways

Creativity- To spend time recapturing your creative self that we may have lost on our current path

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Past Events

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7/2/21 Mind Body Man Retreat, Oyster Cove, Tasmania

1/8/21 Mind Body Man Retreat, Kick Start Arts, New Town, Tasmania

10/2/2024 Mind Body Man Retreat, Middleton, Tasmania

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