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Get Connected

Body Weight Training

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Fundamentals of Acro-balance
Sun 3rd March
Nexus Circus Space
1 Chifley Dve, Preston, Victoria


Come and try or come and play

The "Get Connected" Acro-fitness method has been developed over Shannon's entire

25 year career as a professional circus performer. It takes the idea of how

acrobalance functions and turns it into a workout where you can learn how to

"Get Connected" on a physical level with your fellow human beings. 

Conceptually it is about learning how to share your centre of gravity with someone

else through body tension and connection to the ground. Essentially this is a

metaphor for how to connect with others on many levels.

But really it is about getting together and playing.



This is available as a workshop for festival, a class over the course of a term, team building exercises or in any format that you require to suit your event. It has no entry level fitness requirement. 

Please feel free to get in touch via the contact page if you require any further information and a quote.

Trio Acro.jpg

The body doesn’t lie

Physical connection is a language

The connection is more important than       the trick

Learn to feel as you do

This is a mindfulness practice


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