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​Shannon has many other skills, characters and acts that he can draw upon for your event. Included in these are several hula-hoop acts, some acts with Burlesque performers and of course his famous "Sensitive Strongman" act, Mr Plonk.

Here are some links to these various acts. Please enjoy.

Other Acts, Characters and Skills

The Sensitive Strongman

Mr Plonk is "The Sensitive Strongman". This act involves him playing a song on his ukulele, finding 4 beautiful women in the audience, performing an amazing strip dance and then lifting all 4 of these women in the air, at the same time.

It is a 10 minute show and is perfect for a cabaret spot.

The Sensitive Strongman and his amazing spinning cube 

Tinkle and Plonk

Check out the awesome work Shannon does with the incredible acrobatic skills of Malia Walsh. Tinkle and Plonk have performed all over the world

Acro, Dance, Acro

An example of the many acrobalance acts Shannon has performed in his 20 year career.


Shannon has performed hula hoops hundreds of times over the last 7 years. Here is an example of that work

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