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Everything that brought you to this place is as gift.
The air you breath.
The sunlight that warms you and grows the food that nourishes you.
Your parents who brought you into the world and supported you in your early years. 
The earth underfoot and the sky above. 
Hence this page.
All services on this page are offered as a gift. 
And all gifts offered will be accepted with grace. 
This is not an exchange or a trade.
This is an opportunity for me to practice the spirit of the gift and to receive the gratitude of others.
In time this page will be a place for others to do likewise.
Please watch this video to learn more 







Come and try or come and play

These classes have been running for the last 4 years and have built up into a regular play space for advanced and beginner acrobats alike. People come from all over the world to build on their skill base but most importantly, to connect with others.

The intention to to create a sharing community who enjoy moving their body's alongside other like minded people.

Every Monday

Irene Studio, 5 Pitt St Brunswick, Melbourne


A two hour multi-level acro class focusing on how to connect with others by physically sharing your centre of gravity. This incorporates acro-balance  tricks and has an emphasis on puffing and sweating.


This class is my gift to whomever wishes to participate. Please check out this page to see what the gifting thing is.

Every Wednesday

Ormond Church of Christ Hall

585 North Rd, Ormond, Melbourne

6.30-8.30 Fundamentals and Skill Development

South side people were so keen to have a class that they all came along. Consequently this class will have a healthy mix of learning/practicing the language and applying it. All skill levels welcome.

On this website I show many of the things that I do. If you want to involve these in a gifting basis, please feel free to drop me a line and ask.

Goods and Services we Need

The things I need to live/thrive.

Please peruse the list and contact me if there is anything you can help me with. And Thank you.

Day to Day Needs

Fruit and Veg.

Organic fruit and veg to feed three people. 


Organic meat of any description for three people. Can store large quantities if necessary.

Myki Credit.

If you can fill up my public transport card with money that is great

Things I need intermittently 


From time to time I require plane travel. I will post trips as they become necessary.

Long Term Needs

Land to Live On

My girlfriend and myself are looking for a piece of land to set up house on. Perhaps you can spare a corner of your property? We are looking for somewhere we can run workshops and live.

Special needs


We are sending one of my acts to Europe and would love to find some help with that in any way possible. If you think you can help in some way, financial or otherwise, please let me know.

An Auto Electrician.

I have an old mobile home that needs the inner electrics looked at, If you can help me with this that would be great.

A Bush Mentor

I am looking for someone to teach me some bush survival and hunting skills. 


Looking for a person who wants to manage me and all the things I do. This would be a paying position, percentage, and if you are interested then be sure to scroll my website to see the breadth of what I have to offer.


Eventually we would like to transition away from financial model but we currently still have a need for money so if you can't meet any of the above requests or just feel more comfortable with a financial transaction then please hit the paypal donate button below. 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

The Resource Library

I am looking at developing a "resource library" where people can borrow or lend or even share in purchases of things we need but are under utilised Eg lawnmowers. I will occasionally put up things here and if you can help with this that would be greatly appreciated. Or you can ask me if there is a resource I have that you may need to use.

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