Personal Training

Over the past 5 years I have worked alongside Donna Aston at Donna Aston Fitness developing the one on one training method, called 'Cirq' which utilises the physicality of the circus to achieve peoples personal fitness goals.

This is a functional movement form with an emphasis on mindfulness where you are strongly encouraged to challenge yourself beyond the regular gym workout.

This is a building block technique taking an absolute beginner and training them to a level of competence they may otherwise only have dreamed about.  It is geared towards the average person who loves the physicality portrayed by circus artists but dislikes the idea of a monotonous daily workout at an impersonal gym. 


Circus is an all over body workout.


"Since I have been working out with Cirq I stopped lifting weights and get a great amount of joy coming into the gym to train" Donna Aston.


One on One

Can travel to you

Mind Body Man

Mindful morning movement for men.

If you want to change how you are then begin with the one thing you can control, your body.

Morning moves drawing on Tai Chi, Yoga, ancestral movement and more from Shannon's 20 years of experience as a circus performer.

Join the facebook group to get tips on lifestyle changes and connect with other men who will help to make you accountable.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.00 am on Chelsea Beach next to the pier. Bottom end of The Avenue, Chelsea. Not on rain day.

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Come and try or come and play

These classes have been running for the last 4 years and have built up into a regular play

space for advanced and beginner acrobats alike. People come from all over the world to

build on their skill base but most importantly, to connect with others.

The intention to to create a sharing community who enjoy moving their body's alongside other like minded people.

Every Monday

Irene Studio, 5 Pitt St Brunswick, Melbourne


A two hour multi-level acro class focusing on how to connect with others by physically sharing your centre of gravity. This incorporates acro-balance  tricks and has an emphasis on puffing and sweating.


This class is my gift to whomever wishes to participate. Please check out this page to see what the gifting thing is.

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Motus Vita (movement is life)

If you want to connect with anybody, learn to connect with yourself first.


This one to three day workshop combines meditation with yoga and movement modalities and culminates in acro play with a partner and then a group.

You will learn

    - How to connect with your centre

    - How to share your centre with another

    - Confidence in movement exploration

    - Playful exercises to apply to your own practice


Corporate Workshops

Corporate conferences and conventions are often looking for the next exciting activity to give their event an edge. Circus skills are a great way to challenge people and prove to them straight away that they are capable of achieving more than they realise. It is fabulous for team building as it actively encourages people to trust each other and start to develop the types of partnerships that companies want.

Past Events

2018- Aug 28 Motus Vita, Hobart

2018- Sept 22-29 Ancestral Movement, Araluen NSW

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