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So Nice and Helpful. 1/9/20

As I progress into my 4th career, as a journalist, so soon into simultaneously working on my 3rd career, as a truck driver, the knowledge that people are super helpful remains very re-assuring. Referring, of course, to my conversation today with Lauren from the media department at The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (to be referred to here on in as The DHHS). The questions are to voluminous to be answered over the phone so she kindly gave me the email address and I forwarded the following selection of questions to her

1. What are the main forms of testing being used and is the department aware of any potential flaws in these?

2. From what organisations is the DHHS getting its information from come to decisions on what directives to give?

3. My conversation with a member of your staff last Thursday, 27, Aug, alluded to a "Directives Department" within your organisation responsible for coming up with the directives given to the Victorian people. Does this department exist and I can I have a conversation with a member of this department? If this department does not exist then who within the department is responsible for the decision making and can I have a dialogue with them?

As this is the beginning of what I hope to be a long and fruitful relationship with The DHHS, there will be many future posts to say much more about how our new found friendship goes. I will therefore say no more, but await with bated breath, for a reply.

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